Cut your food bills PLUS 2% Cashback

CBG Food Service has large buying power with Brakes, 3663, IDC, Clifton Meats etc. and you can easily benefit from this as others have already done so, saving you money without having to change your supplier.

If you are using any of these companies, please Fax copy invoices (since this demonstrates clearly from thousands of products, what you really buy) to 0871 310 0411 (press 2 on connection), we will analyse these bills and report back to you the savings you will make with the same supplier.

In addition to the savings you will make directly, we will also pay you 2% cash back on all purchases made quarterly, savings and fundraising all in one special HBG deal

If you prefer to discuss how we can reduce your food bills direct.


or to E-Mail us.

The only change you will have is a new account number, which we will arrange for you.