Consultancy Services

Whilst we offer FREE advice and assistance in reducing costs,  in some cases a more intensive bespoke service maybe required, this can be because you do not have the time and resources to focus on collating and analysing data, the development of a purchasing strategy or maybe more expertise is required in more complex purchasing areas.

Areas we can help

  • Design of a Procurement Strategy
  • Production of Purchasing Policies
  • Defining Purchasing Procedures
  • Outsourcing your Procurement Function
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions for Purchasing Staff and the Selection Process
  • Purchasing Operational Reviews

We could also operate your purchasing function for you.

We will be happy to visit you and discuss what type of approach is suitable and, how we can assist in implementation, naturally this type of service is chargeable dependant on the size and scale of the project to be undertaken.

Example reports are available upon request

Our Costs for this type of detailed work is as follows

Procurement Professional Services

£550.00 per day (plus VAT) plus expenses

Cost Reduction Specialist Services

25% of the first year saving plus expenses at your agreed rates
Example (all figures are plus VAT)

Year 1

Your annual spend on goods & services reviewed 
Savings identified (15%)    £15,000

Our Fee (25% of saving identified)        
Year 2 onwards

All savings are yours

If you wish to explore further please  to make your enquiry