About HBG

The Healthcare Buying Group is a dedicated service operated for the benefit of ALL healthcare providers, offering a wide range of buying agreements that are designed to help your organisation reduce expenditure and, by reducing cost helps you to make better use of your money to benefit your healthcare objectives.

The HBG has been created due to the success we have had in operating the Charities Buying Group www.charitiesbuyinggroup.com after reviewing how little support healthcare providers get in solving their purchasing issues, particularly small providers who do not have the buying power of larger organisations. By using the collective buying power of the HBG we can support all healthcare providers as we truly believe that by buying more efficiently more of the money can be used for the purpose it is intended.

This service is available to all healthcare providers free of charge; as we do not believe that healthcare providers should pay for buying advice.

We are also able to manage your procurement function if you wish, however naturally fees will apply as this would cost us to provide

Members are not committed to use any of our agreements, however all we ask is that you maintain commercial confidentiality of the information you receive and have a willingness to participate in financial saving exercises that benefit your organisation

Irrespective of the size of your organisation you will make realistic costs savings on expenditure, what else can we say!!

Suppliers who have a true commitment are welcomed as potential suppliers; however they must be able to demonstrate price, quality, after-sales service and a pro-active approach to working with the HBG and a clear degree of social and corporate responsibility, whilst the HBG recognises suppliers must make a profit, a social awareness must be also be recognised.